Shafer Records was established as an independent music label by South Africa based entrepreneur, Isaiah Oyibo (Shafer) on the 17th of February 2016. The record label, headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria focused on hip hop, rap, RnB and soul music amongst many genres, trying to bring people a very diversified musical experience. The record label was unveiled on October 12th 2016. In a short period of time, Shafer Records has grown immensely, building a solid reputation for itself. Today the label is associated with the launch of multi-talented recording artists including Theory (Samuel Oyibo), Lugi (Utibe Ndah Mackennzie, and also Eluku (Lameed Temitayo Lukmon).

Hip hop and dancehall are the forte of Shafer Records and the company is focused on helping aspiring musicians make it big in the industry. Although we currently don’t have any big names associated with our labels, the ones we’re promoting have given the music industry amazing hits, owing to their unique talent and a keen eye behind the management of Shafer Records that recognizes a talented musician when it sees one.